Wednesday, 30 September 2020




The No Trousers Live Show

Well believe it or not this is the name of my latest venture in connecting with my customers and the wider hobby in general. It’s a live Youtube hosted broadcast from my little painting corner deep within MH towers.

Now I’m not an expert painter, so it’s not full of handy hints and tips of how to improve. It’s more a bit of a knock about where you can contribute comments, which I try and answer in my own unique way. Painting may or may not happen, and I whitter on about shop stuff, hobby stuff I’ve seen and all sorts really. Tune in at 8pm Wednesday Evenings on my Youtube channel if you’re curious.

Reaper Miniatures

After a pretty turbulent summer, Reapers UK deliveries are hopefully getting back to normal. Covid has done a pretty good job of making a mess of all our lives, and the good people at Reaper have suffered as much as the rest of us. Also, the UK arm has moved to a new warehouse, which is why their stock levels have been so low lately. The move is now complete and so things should be getting back to whatever the new normal is for this crazy year.

The shop has also been updated with their latest metal releases. The characters of Brinewind are making an appearance, so that means Pirates !

Otherworld Miniatures

The Otherworld stock is still on sale. I’m running my stocks down so take advantage and grab a bargain before they’re all gone.

Darksword Miniatures

I’ve expanded the in stock range of their Game of Thrones inspired miniatures. You can find them under ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ in the shop’s listings. As with all Darksword miniatures they are perfectly sculpted, but are designed from the descriptions in the books, not the TV series. Some require assembly and all need painting.

So that’s about it for this update, see you on the No Trousers Show 


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