Friday, 25 April 2014

New Releases from Reaper Miniatures

Well to be honest I’ve not done a newsletter about these as quickly as usual as I was waiting for this to be released. Just click on any picture for more details.


ReaperCon 2014 Sophie. This one has been wonderfully painted by Rhonda Bender, sadly we’ll all have to paint our own the best we can. Still it’s a superb miniatures and well worth waiting for.


And the supporting cast :


I’ve also been going through and updating my Otherworld Miniatures listings. Still got a way to go but here are some of the new additions so far.


That’s it for now,



Sunday, 13 April 2014

Next Reaper Order Date & News

So first off my next Reaper stock order will be placed on Monday 14th April at 10.00am BST. Therefore if there is anything you’d like to be on that order, please pre-order before the deadline.

I’ll be ordering from Darksword on Monday too at 11.00am. Again the same applies if you want anything added to my order.

Warlord Games

I’ve got the Bolt Action, Black Powder and Judge Dredd best sellers up in the shop now. All 15% off the rrp which I think is a pretty good saving on some of the more expensive items.


For example the above British Army Starter Set sells for £ 80.00 on the Warlord main site. The MH price is £ 68.00.

I have access to the whole Warlord range so if there is something you want but don’t see listed please just email me and I’ll do my best to help.

Kabuki Models

Kabuki have released their first army squads, the Legio Praetoriana.


5 and 10 man squads available. Each model is around 40mm tall and 100% modular (composed by: head+torso+legs+arms+weapon+shoulder pads+cloak) and cast in fine urethane resin. 5 man is £ 33.00 or 10 man for a tempting £ 57.00

Hero Holders


My home grown range of scenic bases for pre-slotta miniatures has seen a re-stock over the last week. Cast in resin they allow you to scenic base your miniature without having to cut its original metal base off. Just stick it in, putty round and base away. Prices range from 15p each to 50p each for the larger ones. I’ve also got lots of conventional slotta bases HERE

Display Plinths

Got quite a bit of stuff coming through on the display plinth front in the coming weeks. This resin one is already in the shop at £ 3.00 each.100_5594

And these will be coming,




Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Warlord Games Now Available to Pre-Order

I now have access to the Warlord Games range of products. So that means:

Bolt Action,

Pike & Shotte,

Black Powder,

Hail Caesar,

and best of all,

Judge Dredd


I’m still working on the listings so expect more to appear in the coming weeks. However if there is anything you especially need just let me know.