Friday, 31 October 2014

Reaper and Pre-Owned Updates


It’s been a busy month for new releases so I’d best stop talking and start showing the pictures. Just click on them to go to their listings.


Last Mirliton order of the year is going on the 2nd November now as I’ve been running a bit behind. If there is anything you want please order it before the above deadline.


Reaper Miniatures



FigurePainter Magazine


Pre-Owned Miniatures


I’ve just had my last Reaper delivery for the year so the shop is restocked with Bones and a few new additions to the metal ranges too.

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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Darksword Miniatures Update


The latest releases from Darksword are now up in the shop and ready to pre-order.

My next Mirliton order will be placed on the 1st November so I will be able to dispatch in time for Christmas 2014. As always, please order before this date if you want Mirliton products.

Reaper have also supplied a new PDF of their upcoming releases.


Just click on the pictures to go to the listings.