Thursday, 26 April 2012

Who made these?

Been having a sort through some miniatures ready to put them into the shop. The problem is I don’t know who made them. If you know please comment or email me.



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Monday, 23 April 2012

New forum, better than the old one!

Just switched off the old Proboards powered MH Forum. Bit sad to see it go, but its limitations were showing. The new MH Forum however is now bedded in and running rather well.

Its got some great members too; some of which have agreed to my latest idea, the Help Knights. These are a group of members who all have skills and talents within the hobby, and who are willing to share this knowledge to try and solve the problems you may be experiencing.

For example, need help with a painting technique? Well the Knight boast Shane Rozzell and Jabberwocky amongst their ranks, but professional standard painters.

Problems with trying your hand at converting, then come and have a chat with Inso. You’ll need to view the forum to see just how much converting and sculpting he has done. Need a mini ID, again the knights can help. Plus there is the usual chat, gossip and miniature news. Reaper also post their updates directly to the site too.

Speaking of which, they’ve just released their latest edition of Casket Works, their printed catalogue. This time though they’ve also provided a PDF. Most of the stuff is already on their site, but under the Bones section they do give a preview of the next couple of plastics that are going to be released. A male and female wizard. Whether these will be a popular as the purple worm we’ll just have to wait and see. I do know though that they have got 30 miniatures in the Bones line, and that the others will be released in batches as the year progresses. Sadly I don’t know what they are, but some have been designed exclusively for the Bones line.



Monday, 16 April 2012

Portal 21 & Reaper Releases

The team at WAMP Have been hard at work again pulling together another edition of their monthly ezine, Portal.


You can download it completely free too. It contains lots of interesting things, product reviews and articles, plus lots of stunningly painted miniatures. They’re even kind / daft enough to let me have a column in it too.

Reaper have also posted their latest release pdf on the MH forum.  They’ve also gone and released a Cowboys and Gunslingers boxed set. I haven’t got this listed in the shop yet, but I hope to get it up into the boxed set section in the next day or so.

Reaper have also gone and done another first for their company, an online version of the casket works catalogue. Its a neat idea for those who have never seen a casket works in the paper before, and its free.

Lastly I’ve started a couple of new projects on the MH forum. First is my wip thread. I’m a painter of long standing, but actually pretty dire at it, so this is me trying to improve with help and guidance from the other considerably better members. The second is the Knights project, but you’ll have to visit the forum for more about that. I am still recruiting positions for it though.



Thursday, 12 April 2012

Reaper Plastic Gnoll Paintjob

Jollybob has been busy with his brush once again and has produced another stunning job on a Reaper plastic Gnoll. This time he also tested out the conversion potential by removing the morning star and replacing it with a sword. Below is the unpainted and unconverted miniature.


And this is what Jollybob has done with it.


Rather good isn’t it?

Now you can also experience for yourselves what all the fuss is about. I had some stock come in yesterday, and now its up in the shop ready to buy HERE. And at these prices you’d be mad not to.



Sunday, 8 April 2012

Painted Bones

The new Reaper plastics, their Bones range have been selling steadily since Reaper launched then a few weeks ago. I’ve been sending them out to customers on a steady basis too, and finally I got some images back on how they paint up.

Credit and thanks for the painting below is down to a certain Jollybob, who many of you will know. For those that don’t, he’s a blooming good painter and also a chap to speak his mind. True he mods one of my forum boards, but he is certainly his own man and if these were rubbish he’d say so.

However in a couple of days he’s turned this 77009

Into this,


And this is what he had to say about the experience.

A very quick paintjob, still needs varnished and the base titivated, but I think you can see all the detail on this one. Nice to paint and very happy with it.
One thing I would suggest to anybody who is painting them -  either undercoat them black or give them a dark wash before you start because some of the mould lines are so fine you don't notice them until you start painting, and the white surface makes them very hard to see.
That's the only negative I have about this figure, and I will be getting another to stick a top hat on for my Gothic Horror stuff.”

You can also catch up with the whole thread HERE

Jollybob also didn’t use any Reaper paints because he hasn’t got any, Just a mix of GW and Coat d’Arms, so another little plus there too.

This is the only painted example I’ve seen so far though, and I would like to see more, and hear other views and comments about them. Join the forum and let me know what you think.


Jollybob also gave me a nudge as to another idea I’ve had on the back burner, an inspiration gallery. Its a great idea too, and I’ve finally got round to sorting it out HERE Its not to be confused with a rating gallery where you vote for what you think is the best painted, rather a place to browse through and see how others have painted some of the miniatures currently for sale in the shop. Lots of great painters in there already, but more submissions are always welcome. The standard isn’t too high, its just a showcase for how you have decided to paint a certain miniature.

Oldies are also welcome, as is anything I currently sell in the shop. If in doubt, email it to me and I’ll advise.

Salute marches ever closer. I’ve been asked by a few people if MH will be there. As usual the answer is No. I’m a shop not a producer so see little point. Therefore if you want Reaper Bones, or anything else that I carry, you’ll have to order them in the traditional way, online.




Monday, 2 April 2012

WAMP Darksword miniatures painting contest

My friends over at WAMP forum have pulled off something rather good. Not only are they running a Darksword miniatures painting competition, but its being judged by George R.R. Martin himself. The competition is limited to the George R.R. Martin Masterworks miniatures range, and you need to be a member of WAMP to enter. To help support this there will be 10% off the rrp of the George Martin Masterworks range till the contest closing date of 24th May 2012. Good luck and happy painting!

The new MH forum is also taking shape nicely. Pop over and have a look.