Friday, 22 November 2013

Royal Mail Restrictions, Bases & News

As many of you will probably know by now Royal Mail have brought in restrictions on the sending of paint. Not just the solvent based stuff but all paints including water based.

This is what Royal Mail now say :


So bottom line is send more than 4 pots of paint and we’ll destroy the package. Clearly this is stupid and very unfair, especially when you can post 1litre of alcohol with no problem.

However what to do?

Contacting Royal Mail is difficult at best however we do have a couple of options.

A petition has been organised which you can sign. Just click on the picture below.


Royal Mail also has a twitter account @RoyalMail If everyone that can asks them politely to lift the restriction via repeated tweets, this might also help.

Personally I’ve just to experience a problem with a parcel, but I know others who have and its probably only a matter of time. The only other solution is for all paint orders over 4 bottles to be sent via courier, and that of course will increase the shipping costs.

Its a cruel kick for the hobby and artistic communities, on the back of recent price rises and package size restrictions. Lets see if this can go viral and win one for the small guy for a change. 

Learn to Paint Kits

Following on from a UK based problem to a US one now. I’m not quite sure why but Sable pelts are no longer being imported into the US. Sable is of course used in good quality paint brushes, and two sable brushes are included in every Reaper Learn to Paint Kit. Therefore no brushes, no kits. I know Reaper along with others are working on the problem, but it does mean if you want Learn to Paint Kits, supply is now a problem. Paint kit 2 is currently no longer available. Currently I can still get the others, but I don’t know for how much longer, or when the brush problem will be fixed.

Display Bases

The last ones I made went quite well so I’ve been busy on the lathe and made some more. All Oak and will come with green felt on the base.


If you have any thoughts or comments as to what you’d like to see re wooden bases, please drop me an email at the shop and I’ll see what I can do.

Slotta Bases

I’ve restocked on some of the more popular slotta bases this week too.

50mm Round Lipped

40mm Round Lipped

30mm Round Lipped

25mm Square Recessed

Finally don’t forget Figurepainter Magazine 7 is now out and available to download. Great value for just £ 1.00.


It just leaves me to underline my top topic once again. Please sign the petition or tweet Royal Mail and ask them to remove the restriction. They are currently attempting to answer my tweets on the subject, though worryingly don’t seem to know much about it.

I’m on twitter as @MiniatureHeroes



Saturday, 16 November 2013

New Woodturning Section & FigurePainter Issue 7

Bit of a different newsletter this time. Not so much about miniatures or their related bits and pieces, but woodturning instead.

At the instance of a good friend I’ve uploaded quite a few of my father’s woodturning projects. He’s not a professional turner, but just a happy amateur. However he has produced quite a bit of stuff over the years, some of which is listed in the new section. Stuck for a unique present for a loved one? Then look no further.

As usual click on each picture to go to its shop listing.


Figure Painter Magazine Issue 7

Something that is more definitely about miniatures is the latest issue of FPM.


The issues keep getting better so click on the picture and find out what all the fuss is about.




Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Pre-Painted & Pre-Owned Update


Well the dark evenings are back for those of us in the UK. Still at least that does mean a good excuse to get on with some winter hobby projects.

Pre-Owned Pre-Painted

Or you could just buy your miniatures already finished.

orc 1

Sometimes I get pre-owned miniatures in that are just too good to be stripped, and this batch fall into that catagory. 23 Citadel orcs and 1 Grenadier ogre go to make up this tabletop standard painted warband. Just click on the photo to go to the listing to see separate pictures of all the miniatures. A ready made orc warband at a very tempting price.

Pre-Owned Update

As usual just click on the pics to go to the listings



Mirliton Order Update

Those waiting for Mirliton products will not have to wait a lot longer. The package is in the country and should be with me by the end of the week. Outstanding orders will then be dispatched on Monday the following week.

Next order will be early in the new year.

Christmas Ordering

And speaking of Christmas I think it’s timely to point out that if you want ‘out of stock’ Reaper products in time for the big day, then you’ve probably missed your chance. The next order is due to be submitted on the 18th November which is going to put its estimated delivery date very close to Christmas. That is unless I get enough sales by the 11th to make an order then. Even so its still cutting it very fine.

Kabuki Models

I have started getting in stock from Kabuki Models. Currently those pictured are in stock.


Everything else I can get fairly quickly, so if you’re a discerning painter / collector looking for something a bit different, look no further.

And Finally

Don’t forget the premier online magazine devoted to all things miniature.