Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Pre-Painted & Pre-Owned Update


Well the dark evenings are back for those of us in the UK. Still at least that does mean a good excuse to get on with some winter hobby projects.

Pre-Owned Pre-Painted

Or you could just buy your miniatures already finished.

orc 1

Sometimes I get pre-owned miniatures in that are just too good to be stripped, and this batch fall into that catagory. 23 Citadel orcs and 1 Grenadier ogre go to make up this tabletop standard painted warband. Just click on the photo to go to the listing to see separate pictures of all the miniatures. A ready made orc warband at a very tempting price.

Pre-Owned Update

As usual just click on the pics to go to the listings



Mirliton Order Update

Those waiting for Mirliton products will not have to wait a lot longer. The package is in the country and should be with me by the end of the week. Outstanding orders will then be dispatched on Monday the following week.

Next order will be early in the new year.

Christmas Ordering

And speaking of Christmas I think it’s timely to point out that if you want ‘out of stock’ Reaper products in time for the big day, then you’ve probably missed your chance. The next order is due to be submitted on the 18th November which is going to put its estimated delivery date very close to Christmas. That is unless I get enough sales by the 11th to make an order then. Even so its still cutting it very fine.

Kabuki Models

I have started getting in stock from Kabuki Models. Currently those pictured are in stock.


Everything else I can get fairly quickly, so if you’re a discerning painter / collector looking for something a bit different, look no further.

And Finally

Don’t forget the premier online magazine devoted to all things miniature.




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