Monday, 30 July 2012

Classic Big Guys

Ogres and a Marauder Giant have just been uploaded into the shop.

Click the pictures for more information.

100_2776-1_edited  100_2777-1_edited 100_2779-1_edited 100_2781-1_edited 100_2783-1_edited 100_2785-1_edited 100_2787-1_edited 100_2789-1_edited100_2793-1_edited100_2795-1_edited 



Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Dark Elves, Reaper Update & Kickstarter

Its been launched for a couple of days now so many of you will have heard about the Reaper kickstarter. However for those that haven’t I will explain.

The Reaper plastic bones range has been doing very well, and they want to expand it. The problem is the tooling set-up costs for injection moulding are huge, and Reaper doesn’t want to have to hang about releasing just one of two new bones miniatures a year. So they’ve started a kickstarter go raise the necessary funds to produce and release an initial 30 new bones miniatures.

Well they’ve since reached their first target of $ 30K and at the time of writing have broken it rather nicely. This doesn’t mean the end of the project though, just the initial stage. The more money they get, the more bones get produced, so obviously they’d like more sponsors.

But its not a one sided affair. Pledge money to the Reaper kickstarter cause and you get goodies in return. More money, more goodies.

Follow this link for more information

They’ve also provided a new release pdf

I’ve also uploaded the following oop citadel Dark Elves up into the shop. Some nice second issue Mengil Manhide pieces in there too. Click the picture for more information.

100_2747-1_edited 100_2711-1_edited 100_2714-1_edited 100_2717-1_edited 100_2719-1_edited 100_2721-1_edited 100_2723-1_edited 100_2725-1_edited 100_2728-1_edited 100_2731-1_edited 100_2733-1_edited 100_2739-1_edited 100_2745-1_edited



Monday, 23 July 2012

Latest Reaper Releases

Reaper have moved to a smaller weekly release schedule now so here are this weeks’ offerings. 

It also includes the second release to the plastic bones line. Click the pictures for more information.

 03612_p_1_mj 03614_p_1 60122_p_1_mj 77013_w_1 77014_w_1 77015_w_1 77016_w_1

Stocks of these new plastic bones are currently on their way to the MH shop, so pre-order now to reserve what you want.



Thursday, 19 July 2012

Brand new from Darkling / BeDerken

Despite being stupidly busy with his day to day work, Dave King has also find time to produce a new range of 5 miniatures to expand the Darkling / BeDerken range.

Being from Dave they are all uniquely dark and twisted, but in the nicest possible way. These are currently on only stocks in the northern hemisphere so get in quick if you want to beat the re-order wait!

He also did all the painting on the display miniatures. Some people are just too talented. As usual click the pic for more info.

DF05 DF01 DF2 DF03 DF04

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

New from DarkSword, Reaper & Portal 24

Portal 24 has just been released and you can download it for free HERE. As usual lots of eye candy paintjobs, reviews and articles. For my bit I’ve interviewed a fellow old lead collector, Tony Mansfield, who has both than extensive knowledge, and collection of the older citadel miniatures.

My thanks to Tony for taking the time to answer my questions, and for allowing us a peak into his lead mountain. However be warned, I may be calling on you for my next interview ;)

Three time Heroes painting competition winner Vitotnik also provides a step by step guide to the perfect rust effect. And its worth reading too as he’s really mastered it.

Wamp is also having its second live event next month. WAMP2012 will be held on the Saturday 11th August 2012 @ maelstrom Games, Mansfield, UK. These are good events and well worth popping along too if you’re in the area.

Reaper have decided on a small change in policy and are now going to be releasing smaller updates but now on a weekly basis. The first of these is contained in this pdf. Now this one is a bit more exciting than most as it contains pictures of the next wave of Plastic Bones releases.

DarkSword have released a rather attractive group of ladies, and some more of their animal adventurers. Just click on the pictures for more information.

1512_1 1501_1 1502_1 1503_1 1504_1 1505_1 1506_1 1507_1 1508_1 1509_1 1510_1 1511_1



Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Oreon, Plaster Scenery & Mini Id’s required

Just uploaded an Oreon into the shop today. Now for those not old enough to remember Oreon was the leader of a group of wood elves, and was one of the first Regiments of Renown Citadel produced.

In an age of role playing it was Citadel’s attempt to get us to build armies for use with Warhammer. A plain grey plastic box with a transparent lid contained about 8 trooper figures, that were all the same, and with a musician, hero, or leader. You’d end up having to buy three sets to get all the command figures. The idea lasted a couple of years in production, with the miniatures changing from pre-slotta to slotta, and quite a few redesigns.

These below are the original 1984 first release. Your chance to finally complete the set.


I’ve been able to get my in house range of plaster scenery items back in the shop last week. All made from hard white plaster, they’re useful for all sorts of dioramas. Columns, bricks and now even a range of 7crates for you to get creative with.

thincol brick3 column crate1  shortruincol tallruincol

I’ve also been busy with resin too. The Hero Holders have been re-stocked, and a new textured scenic base has been added to the range.


I’ve also got a first in a range of natural basing materials too. Superfine basing sand and decorative rocks.

rockbag1 finesand

Its also drawing closer to the the Mirliton order cut off date. Mirliton shut down for the whole of August, so this is the last chance to order. My next order with them will probably be in October / November so if you do want anything, order now!

Finally something a little different. As you know I buy and sell old miniatures. Every so often I get offered collections to buy, and this is one of them. Normally I would have bought it without a second thought, but as with everyone these days I have to watch what I spend. Sadly I can’t afford it, but someone out there might be in a different situation.

Its a good collection of 500 mainly citadel late 80’s and early 90’s miniatures. Complete steam tank, chaos dwarves, Tom Meir Swan boat, all sorts of goodies.

Email me at the shop and I’ll send you the pdf with all the information on it. If you’re still interested then I’ll put you in touch with the seller. There is also an unknown miniture on a throne that the seller would like id’ing before he parts with the collection.