Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Oreon, Plaster Scenery & Mini Id’s required

Just uploaded an Oreon into the shop today. Now for those not old enough to remember Oreon was the leader of a group of wood elves, and was one of the first Regiments of Renown Citadel produced.

In an age of role playing it was Citadel’s attempt to get us to build armies for use with Warhammer. A plain grey plastic box with a transparent lid contained about 8 trooper figures, that were all the same, and with a musician, hero, or leader. You’d end up having to buy three sets to get all the command figures. The idea lasted a couple of years in production, with the miniatures changing from pre-slotta to slotta, and quite a few redesigns.

These below are the original 1984 first release. Your chance to finally complete the set.


I’ve been able to get my in house range of plaster scenery items back in the shop last week. All made from hard white plaster, they’re useful for all sorts of dioramas. Columns, bricks and now even a range of 7crates for you to get creative with.

thincol brick3 column crate1  shortruincol tallruincol

I’ve also been busy with resin too. The Hero Holders have been re-stocked, and a new textured scenic base has been added to the range.


I’ve also got a first in a range of natural basing materials too. Superfine basing sand and decorative rocks.

rockbag1 finesand

Its also drawing closer to the the Mirliton order cut off date. Mirliton shut down for the whole of August, so this is the last chance to order. My next order with them will probably be in October / November so if you do want anything, order now!

Finally something a little different. As you know I buy and sell old miniatures. Every so often I get offered collections to buy, and this is one of them. Normally I would have bought it without a second thought, but as with everyone these days I have to watch what I spend. Sadly I can’t afford it, but someone out there might be in a different situation.

Its a good collection of 500 mainly citadel late 80’s and early 90’s miniatures. Complete steam tank, chaos dwarves, Tom Meir Swan boat, all sorts of goodies.

Email me at the shop and I’ll send you the pdf with all the information on it. If you’re still interested then I’ll put you in touch with the seller. There is also an unknown miniture on a throne that the seller would like id’ing before he parts with the collection.



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