Saturday, 12 December 2015

Christmas News & New Products

Happy Christmas from all at Miniature-Heroes !

Last newsletter of the year, which seems to have gone quicker that ever before. Still it’s been pretty good professionally and I’d just like to thank all my customers, old and new, for making it so.
So on with the news.

The next order, and the last of this year will be placed on the 15th December at 10.00am.
Please allow extra time for this one to come in as it will have the Christmas shutdown to content with.
My next order with Reaper will be on the 15th January 2016.

Last Posting Dates

These are recommended by Royal Mail so please be aware they can still not deliver your parcel in time for Christmas, even if its posted on the right date.
Molten Metal Paints
Non Metallic Metallics (NMM), were how the old masters painted to represent gold and silver tones. This was because they didn’t have any high quality metallics to work with. But if they had been able to get their hands on these from Darkstar Miniatures, I don’t think they would have bothered.
These are a comprehensive range of high quality metallic paints, covering just about every metallic surface you’ll encounter on a mini. The are acrylic, have a very strong pigment density and work very well with Reaper MSP, Citadel colours and Scale 75 paints. I’ve been playing around with some samples for a couple of weeks now, and I have to say I’m very happy with them.
They’re now in the shop so you can try them too. And as an introductory offer they’ll be 15% off till the 15th December. I have some stock, but can easily get more so just pre-order if the stock level is 0

Click on any of the above images to go to the listing page.


Saturday, 28 November 2015

Orders, News, Products & FPM

To start with, my next Reaper order will be placed on Monday 30th November at 10.00am. Usual drill, but items on this order won’t be here in time for Christmas 2015.

Reaper are releasing these new miniatures on the 30th too. So to make things a bit easier I’ve uploaded them into the shop now so they can be pre-ordered.


Sadly they don’t come painted or based like the ones in the pictures.

Darksword have been busy too.



The Pre-owned section has had a few new recruits too.


The Plinth section has received a bit of attention too.

These are some new designs in Oak, Walnut and Yew wood.


Bespoke commissions also undertaken. If you have something you’d like made just send me an email via the shop and we can discuss it further.


For example here is a little something I made to the customer’s design a short while ago. It’s going to hold something very impressive when it’s all completed.

Finally FPM 31 is here !


Another cracking read from the boss and all the crew.

Right that’s it,