Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Old Orcs, Competitions & New Basecrafts Kit

Well its been a busy time here these last few days, which means lots to post about here.

Firstly I had an email from Hendybadger a couple of days ago. You may know him better from his blog ‘ Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher’. He’s been a long time customer of MH and asked if I could donate a few superhero themed items for his latest blog competition. His blog has just reached 100,000 hits and he wanted to celebrate. I’m more than happy to help out so sent him some of Reaper’s finest heros and villians to go with the Pulp City miniatures he’s already go on offer.

Follow the link and read his blog for a chance to get you hands on these goodies.


Also, Reaperclark has been in touch on the forum and posted about a new promotion they’re running. They’re offering a free pdf download of their R.A.G.E. based game supplement so you can have you’re very own cowboys and gunslingers battle. Buying the miniatures is optional, but they do now come in a handy set. Just click the pic to go the the shop listing.


The set works out at £ 2.50 per mini, which is a big saving from buying them one at a time.

Basecrafts basing kits are also back in stock! Autumn, Desert, Winter and Woodland and their new Steampunk kit too. I’ve only got a tiny picture of the kit at the moment, but it comprises of :

  • Coal Effect
  • Rock Debris
  • Mixed Crystal Rock
  • Random Wire/Cable
  • Deckplates
  • Girders & Pipes
  • Micro Steampunk Parts (3g)
  • Mini Steampunk Parts (3g)
  • Smoke Pigment
  • Rust Pigment
As usual with Basecrafts its been well thought out, and the components are all of high quality.

Lastly I’ve got a batch of old pre-slotta citadel orcs up into the shop today. Click the pictures to go to their listings.

100_2526-1_edited 100_2496-1_edited 100_2502-1_edited 100_2504-1_edited 100_2506-1_edited 100_2508-1_edited 100_2510-1_edited 100_2514-1_edited 100_2516-1_edited 100_2518-1_edited 100_2520-1_edited

And if you’re after some 15mm scale WWII tanks, check out Vexillia. It’s Martin’s new line and they fit rather well with Flames of War etc



Thursday, 21 June 2012

New from Reaper

Two lots of news from Reaper miniatures today. Firstly they’ve been kind enough to drop off a pdf with their upcoming new releases. As usual these will hit general release in a few weeks time.

Secondly, a batch of new miniatures they have released right now. Just click on the photos for more information.

60126_g_1 03619_w_1 03622_w_1 14647_g_1 50274_w_1 50277_w_1 60123_w_1

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Portal 23 & Ainsty Castings Robbery

Good and bad news for this entry. Starting with the good first.

Portal issue 23 is now love and available for free download. Lots in this issue including the winner of the recent Wamp DarkSword miniatures competition, Orki. Its a stunning piece of work in which he explains how he did it, and the technique he used to produce a very realistic marbling effect for its column and floor.

Some miniature reviews, and an interesting piece from Scott Radom about the conversation stopping power of admitting you paint little lead men for a hobby.

I also conclude my Sculptors spotlight piece on Nick Lund too, this one centering on the Grenadier years.


Now for the bad news.

This was posted on the MH forum yesterday, and indeed has appeared on may forums since, and rightly so.

While preparing for his weekend shows, Andy Lyon of Ainsty's van was robbed:

"All my boxes of show stock are gone, all my display models and figures are gone and all my boxed pieces for on the bottom of the racks are gone. Two racks of blistered minis are gone too."
It has a substantial retail value plus is about a years worth of stock that he's built up. It was stolen near Market Rasen in Lincolnshire.
If anyone sees Ainsty, Crooked Dice and Rogue Miniatures blisters for sale on the cheap can they let Andy know.

Please pass this on to any other forums your frequent.

So please keep a look out on ebay, ebid etc to see if any of his stock appears. Also if you are offered the above products cheap at a show or car boot, please inform Andy. This is a nasty crime that is going to set him back quite a bit, and in the current climate that’s the last thing anyone needs.

With Mirliton doing their usual thing of taking August off and shutting down all production, I have that rarest of things, a definite last order date, the 12th July. Now I have to make my order minimum for this to actually work, otherwise it will be sometime in early September before the next order can be placed.

For those waiting for pre-ordered Mirliton products, I hope to have them in stock towards the end of next week, 21st to 23rd June.



Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Pre-Slotta Chaos Warriors for sale

Just uploaded a few new oldies to the MH store. Nearly all of them Chaos types, including lots of old pre-slotta citadel chaos warriors.

The last ten are the Warriors of Chaos set. They don’t come with a box, and the last one has the usual missing weapon damage, but the other nine are excellent and just waiting to go to a new home.

Click the pictures for more information.

 100_2434-1_edited 100_2436-1_edited 100_2438-1_edited 100_2440-1_edited 100_2444-1_edited 100_2447-1_edited 100_2449-1_edited 100_2451-1_edited 100_2453-1_edited 100_2455-1_edited 100_2457-1_edited 100_2459-1_edited 100_2461-1_edited 100_2463-1_edited 100_2465-1_edited


Monday, 4 June 2012

New Releases from DarkSword miniatures

Well the weather hasn’t been much fun for the jubilee so far, but it has been a good reason to stay in and use some of the holiday for some more miniature based pursuits.

And to help Darksword have released their latest miniatures. As usual, click the picture for more information.

1500_1 1489_1 1490_1 1491_1 1492_1 1493_1 1494_1 1495_1 1496_1 1497_1 1498_1 1499_1