Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Old Orcs, Competitions & New Basecrafts Kit

Well its been a busy time here these last few days, which means lots to post about here.

Firstly I had an email from Hendybadger a couple of days ago. You may know him better from his blog ‘ Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher’. He’s been a long time customer of MH and asked if I could donate a few superhero themed items for his latest blog competition. His blog has just reached 100,000 hits and he wanted to celebrate. I’m more than happy to help out so sent him some of Reaper’s finest heros and villians to go with the Pulp City miniatures he’s already go on offer.

Follow the link and read his blog for a chance to get you hands on these goodies.


Also, Reaperclark has been in touch on the forum and posted about a new promotion they’re running. They’re offering a free pdf download of their R.A.G.E. based game supplement so you can have you’re very own cowboys and gunslingers battle. Buying the miniatures is optional, but they do now come in a handy set. Just click the pic to go the the shop listing.


The set works out at £ 2.50 per mini, which is a big saving from buying them one at a time.

Basecrafts basing kits are also back in stock! Autumn, Desert, Winter and Woodland and their new Steampunk kit too. I’ve only got a tiny picture of the kit at the moment, but it comprises of :

  • Coal Effect
  • Rock Debris
  • Mixed Crystal Rock
  • Random Wire/Cable
  • Deckplates
  • Girders & Pipes
  • Micro Steampunk Parts (3g)
  • Mini Steampunk Parts (3g)
  • Smoke Pigment
  • Rust Pigment
As usual with Basecrafts its been well thought out, and the components are all of high quality.

Lastly I’ve got a batch of old pre-slotta citadel orcs up into the shop today. Click the pictures to go to their listings.

100_2526-1_edited 100_2496-1_edited 100_2502-1_edited 100_2504-1_edited 100_2506-1_edited 100_2508-1_edited 100_2510-1_edited 100_2514-1_edited 100_2516-1_edited 100_2518-1_edited 100_2520-1_edited

And if you’re after some 15mm scale WWII tanks, check out Vexillia. It’s Martin’s new line and they fit rather well with Flames of War etc



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  1. Cheers for the link, and once again, thank you so much for the minis.
    I have had quite afew comments from people that liked the Pulp City but didnt enter until they spotted the Chronoscope!
    The more of them I make, the more I like them.
    Got a huge list of wants to work through still