Thursday, 21 August 2014

Reaper update

More wonderful miniatures from the nice people at Reaper miniatures.

Click on the pictures to go to their listings.153136573663367036715029650297503036015460157601596016260163

And a PDF of things that are in the release pipeline


And don’t forget Figurepainter magazine has a new issue out.




Saturday, 16 August 2014

Updates, Updates, Updates !

Like the proverbial bus you wait ages then three turn up at once. Well it’s a bit like that with this newsletter.

Firstly though, my next Reaper stock order will be placed on Monday 18th August at 10.00am BST  If there are Reaper items that you would like but they aren’t in stock, please order before the above date to have them included on my order.

Reaper also have a new pdf out of their upcoming releases.

New offerings from both Darksword and Otherworld miniatures, and the pre-owned section has been updated with a load of classic Ral partha miniatures.

Right, on with the show. As always just click on the pictures to go to the listings.

Darksword Miniatures


This last picture doesn’t relate to a miniature, but Darkswords latest painting DVD. Basically it’s Jessica Rich showing us all how to be as awesome with a brush as she is. Pop over to the listing where I’ve linked through to the Youtube taster video from the DVD’s.

Please note this is the basic DVD set. The deluxe version where you also get the minis Jessica is painting throughout the DVD’s is only available direct from Darksword miniatures.




Otherworld Miniatures

Otherworld have gone an released six brand new non player character types. The general sort of folk you’d expect to find running any honest adventurer frequented tavern.



Ral partha minis this time.



Ebonised Plinths

Ebonised wooden plinths are now available along side the natural wood ones.