Thursday, 20 November 2014

Updates for Reaper, Pre-Owned & Last Ordering Date


Starting off in reverse order, my next Reaper order will be placed on Monday 24th November 2014 at 10.00am.

As you will have seen by the note on the front page of the site, I won’t be able to supply any Reaper products not in stock, in time for Christmas 2014.

Delivery times lengthen at this time of year, and Customs seems to slow down too. However if you’re looking for miniatures to be delivered early in the new year, then please order before the deadline above. It’ll probably be my last order with Reaper this year.

However speaking for Reaper, have a look at their latest releases.


And new releases in the pipeline



Figurepainter Magazine


This month’s edition is huge. A great quality read with some stunning painted work inside.

Display Plinths & Bases

I sent a surprise package to Golem Painting Studio a little earlier this month. A selection of my wooden plinths and bases for them to use on their painted miniatures.


They liked them and have already started using them.


I’ve recently bought a new table saw so hope to be expanding my range in the not too distant future. I’m also able to do custom work, so if you have something wooden you’d like, drop me a message via the shop and I’ll see if I can help.

And if you want to learn how to paint like the guys at Golem, then check out their website for the excellent courses that they run. ( plinth group and standing knight pictures courtesy of Golem Painting Studio )

Pre Owned Miniatures



As usual just click on the pictures to go to their respective listings. Please share this newsletter about too. MH is on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest so just search and it should turn up.


Following MH on either Facebook or Twitter also gives to access to the new picture stream feature. Everyday at least three pictures are published showing different miniatures from the ranges I carry. Some are even pro-painted, though surprisingly enough not by me Winking smile It’s a great way to keep your memory refreshed with what’s available, and might just provide inspiration for that special project.