Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Old Dwarves & Bones Sneak Peeks

Just finished uploading a band of old Citadel pre-slotta dwarves into the shop. Dour little chaps, but then after nearly 30 years of battles I suppose they have a right to be.

Also in the upload is the DS1 Dwarf Cannon & Crew. All the members are there, loader, gunner, spotter etc, along with the all important cannon. Properly painted it would make a wonderful diorama piece.

As usual click the pics for more info.

100_3146-1_edited 100_3148-1_edited 100_3154-1_edited 100_3158-1_edited 100_3162-1_edited 100_3164-1_edited 100_3166-1_edited 100_3168-1_edited

From the old to the brand new now, things to come in Reaper Bones

Reaperclark pops by the MH forum on a semi regular basis to drop off the latest news from Reaper. These are his latest offerings which will be appearing in the Bones range sometime in the future.

77075_g_1  77094_g_1 77154_g_1 77155_g_1 77163_g_177163_g_2

The goodies just keep on coming!



Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Reaper Painting Comp at Wamp Forum

Wamp have got together with Reaper Miniatures and have organised a painting competition. So as a Reaper stockist its only right that I help out a bit.

All Wamp members will get a gift certificate for 10% of their total order value, not including shipping costs, when they buy Reaper miniatures from the MH shop. You’ll be able to use this against any future purchase of any items in the shop.

Just type in your Wamp forum name in the comments box when you check out, and I’ll send you your certificate.

You must be a member of Wamp to qualify. To join for free click HERE

All Reaper branded products listed in the MH shop are eligible.

You can purchase as many times as you wish until the offer ends, but you must be a member of WAMP at the time of purchase.

Offer ends 31st October 2012

Competition details below.

It’s new competition time and this month we have the very greatest pleasure of announcing that it’s in conjunction with one of the hobbies giants, Reaper Miniatures.
Reapers catalogue of miniatures is extensive and there are plenty of themes to choose from so we hope as many of you as possible enter and show Reaper why the WAMP comps are the best in the entire hobby.


4pm, UK time, 24th November 2012 for non-subscribers.
4pm, UK time, 31st November 2012 for subscribers

1st place receives $75 Reaper credit.
2nd place receives $50 Reaper credit
3rd place receives $25 Reaper credit.
(please read them, its amazing how many don't!!)

  • You must be a WAMP Member to participate. Membership is free and you may register here.
  • You may enter as many times as you like but each entry may only submit one photograph so if you need more angles it MUST be a montage.
  • Images must be no larger than 1000 pixels wide by 4000 pixels high. (It is your responsibility to check this). Any additional photographs of that entry will be removed.
  • All entries must be new work. (New work is defined as any entry not previously displayed on-line in a completed state, You MAY enter pieces which have been shown as a Work In Progress).
  • You give WAMP/Portal and Reaper Miniatures permission to use your pictures for publicity (but you do retain ownership).
  • You may post pictures of WIP or final shots both here and elsewhere.
  • Judging will be decided by public vote.
  • Submissions must be posted to the contest gallery which will be posts as soon as it's up. You must make sure you select the correct contest option in the contest select box either during upload (if using the basic up loader) or via edit pictures after upload. If you have any problems here email any of the mod's and they'll help.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Portal 26

The latest edition of Wamp’s Portal emagazine has just hit the web. Full of product reviews, tutorials and lots of superbly painted eye candy miniatures.

I’m pleased to have my interview with long time customer and friend Brett Reavis published too. Great guy and a very interesting article. I think he’s also a prime contender for the largest lead mountain currently admitted to.

Wamp have also organised a competition that is sponsered by Reaper. Check out the rules etc in the magazine and have think about what you might enter.




Sunday, 16 September 2012

Halloween Specials

I’ve selected 12 miniatures from Reaper’s range of Halloweeny types and put them on special offer till the end of September.

Get 10% off the rrp on selected Pumpkins, Bats, Witches and Undead.

See them all HERE



Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Reaper News & Pre-owned update

My Mirliton order is on its way, so the long wait is nearly over. A big thank you to all those who have been patiently waiting for their orders. Not much longer now!

Reaper have dropped their free worldwide shipping policy for orders over $ 25.00. Please bear this in mind if you are planning to order from them directly. On the plus side, I’m always happy to get orders in, and by ordering through Miniature-Heroes you don’t have to pay the customs charge either.

Now the dust from their kickstarter is starting to settle Reaper are getting back into their more normal release routine. These are new out and available to pre-order. Just click the pic for more details.

59032_p_1_mj 14627_p_1_mj 50276_p_1_mj

They’ve also released a preview shot of a new miniature that is going to make the bones range in March. Its a female cloud giant, by Patrick Keith. No idea of price yet, but as its going to be bones plastic I think it will be as attractive as the sculpt.



I’ve also released another batch of Citadel classics into the pre-owned section.

100_3101-1_edited 100_3078-1_edited 100_3081-1_edited 100_3083-1_edited 100_3085-1_edited 100_3087-1_edited 100_3089-1_edited 100_3091-1_edited 100_3095-1_edited 100_3097-1_edited 100_3099-1_edited

And finally, as a favour to a friend and neighbour I have great pleasure in presenting  All the socky goodness you’ll ever need!




Thursday, 6 September 2012

Shop pre-slotta update

A few more blasts from the past from Citadel Miniatures for us oldies to drool over, and the youngsters to scratch their heads.

I think the flesh golem is the pick of the bunch. This is the second variant but still quite a rare little chap from 1982.

Click on the pics for more info.

100_3025-1_edited 100_2999-1_edited 100_3001-1_edited 100_3003-1_edited 100_3005-1_edited 100_3007-1_edited 100_3011-1_edited 100_3015-1_edited 100_3017-1_edited 100_3023-1_edited