Sunday, 26 August 2012

Pre-owned & Reaper Updates & News

Well I don’t think I can let this entry go by without mentioning the Reaper kickstarter that has just concluded. Their original goal was $ 30,000 to fund 30 more plastic bones miniatures. Last night they ended up with the grand total of $ 3.42 million, and promptly crashed the kickstarter site’s server !

Clearly this is a massive achievement and also lays the blueprint of how to run a successful kickstarter project. To those that have bought in to the different funding levels on offer, I think you’ve invested wisely. The amount of miniatures you are going to get in return are going to keep you busy for quite a while to come.

However for those that didn’t, and those that found the options didn’t meet their requirements, do not fear. As far as I am aware all the bones will be available to buy separately when they are released. Just order what you want through the MH site as per normal, and you too will be able to benefit from the wealth of plasticity goodness heading our way.

They’ve also found time to release some more metal miniatures too, though currently not all with pictures to go with them.  

Click the pic or text link for more information.



60120_p_1_mj 59028_p_1_mj 59029_p_1_mj 60115_P_1_MJ

60121: Vencarlo Orisini

59030: Red Petals Su

14644: Nanoc, Spearmaster

A few for the classic citadel collectors too. Ogres, Original LOTR, & AD&D

100_2981-1_edited 100_2966-1_edited 100_2977-1_edited 100_2979-1_edited

Last few hours of the Mirliton order window, don’t miss out!



Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Portal 25, Update, Mirliton order and News

Well its been a little longer than I would have liked since the last update, but then things have kept getting in the way.

Believe it or not but the Olympics have been playing havoc with my Reaper deliveries. The extra strain the games put on the UK boarder agency and HM Customs & Revenue might not have made the papers, but they have certainly been real enough for me. My apologies if your order has been delayed a bit longer than normal. I’ve been doing my best to track my packages down, but it isn’t an easy matter. Thankfully things seem to be returning to normal.

My Mirliton order will closed to new entries on the 26th August. Again if you want anything from them please make your order before this date. The next one will probably be late October early November so as to be in stock ready for Christmas.

Portal 25 has been live for a few days now. My apologies to the Portal team for not getting this publicised earlier, but the sudden SE UK heatwave was to blame. It is however another great issue and contains the usual mix of articles, reviews and tutorials. Rather a good one on TMM’s which I intend to put into practice one day.

Below are the latest selection of oldies to make it into the shop. Not all are complete, and I don’t even know the identity of the last three so any help there would be very helpful. The Leaping Slomm two headed chaos troll is a bit of an odd case. It’s complete and undamaged but suffered from a mould slip when it was being cast. With work and a bit of skill it will make a good classic miniature, but its definitely for someone whose good with green stuff.

As usual click the pics for more info.

 100_2943-1_edited100_2945-1_edited100_2949-1_edited  100_2947-1_edited  100_2951-1_edited 100_2953-1_edited 100_2961-1_edited





Tuesday, 7 August 2012

News, Updates & Crocodile Games pre-owned

Along with their Bones kickstarter project, which I’m please to see is doing very well, Reaper have also released another three brand new metal miniatures.

Just click the pictures for more details.

 03623_p_1_pk 60130_p_1_mj03624_p_1

Mirliton have also slipped out another 15mm fantasy army, High Elves this time. There are 10 different 15mm units in the range which you can see by clicking the picture below.


Foot soldiers, Cavalry and even a Chariot. You can also buy the whole set in one go if you prefer.


I’m also happy to report that my Mirliton order limit has been reached. The order will definitely be placed at the beginning of September, which is when they come back off holiday. There will probably be one more order before Christmas but if you need items for October / November now would be a good time to get your orders in.

On the pre-owned front I’ve just finished uploading the details on a batch of Crocodile Games miniatures. These are almost brand new and feature Asar and Typhon along with some of the more specialist characters. I won’t list all the pictures here, just follow the link in this picture to the new section.


Finally a couple of bits of news that may be of interest.

Sadly Azalean Models has decided to close. However on the plus side they are selling their remaining stock off at an amazing 50% discount. Get in quick because when its gone, its gone.

My Friend and MH forum Help Knight Inso has also sculpted a special miniature for Grekwood Miniatures.


They have lots of other miniatures for sale too so its worth following the link and having a look.



Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Checkout without having to Register

As some of you may see from the new home page I’ve been having a bit of a change around with the site. I’ve tried to make it look a bit cleaner and simplify things.

One of the changes is you now don’t have to register to buy what you want. I know this is a big bugbear to some people so I hope you all like the change.

Simply select the items you want into your basket. Click on checkout and click on the Check out with PayPal button. Then its just a normal PayPal transaction with none of the extra form filling needed for full registration.

Click the PayPal image below to see what I mean.


However by doing this you don’t get any of the membership benefits like the gold piece reward points, or access to the newsletter and manufacturer updates.

The choice is now your’s.

Reaper have also provided another PDF of upcoming releases.