Tuesday, 7 August 2012

News, Updates & Crocodile Games pre-owned

Along with their Bones kickstarter project, which I’m please to see is doing very well, Reaper have also released another three brand new metal miniatures.

Just click the pictures for more details.

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Mirliton have also slipped out another 15mm fantasy army, High Elves this time. There are 10 different 15mm units in the range which you can see by clicking the picture below.


Foot soldiers, Cavalry and even a Chariot. You can also buy the whole set in one go if you prefer.


I’m also happy to report that my Mirliton order limit has been reached. The order will definitely be placed at the beginning of September, which is when they come back off holiday. There will probably be one more order before Christmas but if you need items for October / November now would be a good time to get your orders in.

On the pre-owned front I’ve just finished uploading the details on a batch of Crocodile Games miniatures. These are almost brand new and feature Asar and Typhon along with some of the more specialist characters. I won’t list all the pictures here, just follow the link in this picture to the new section.


Finally a couple of bits of news that may be of interest.

Sadly Azalean Models has decided to close. However on the plus side they are selling their remaining stock off at an amazing 50% discount. Get in quick because when its gone, its gone.

My Friend and MH forum Help Knight Inso has also sculpted a special miniature for Grekwood Miniatures.


They have lots of other miniatures for sale too so its worth following the link and having a look.



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