Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Portal 25, Update, Mirliton order and News

Well its been a little longer than I would have liked since the last update, but then things have kept getting in the way.

Believe it or not but the Olympics have been playing havoc with my Reaper deliveries. The extra strain the games put on the UK boarder agency and HM Customs & Revenue might not have made the papers, but they have certainly been real enough for me. My apologies if your order has been delayed a bit longer than normal. I’ve been doing my best to track my packages down, but it isn’t an easy matter. Thankfully things seem to be returning to normal.

My Mirliton order will closed to new entries on the 26th August. Again if you want anything from them please make your order before this date. The next one will probably be late October early November so as to be in stock ready for Christmas.

Portal 25 has been live for a few days now. My apologies to the Portal team for not getting this publicised earlier, but the sudden SE UK heatwave was to blame. It is however another great issue and contains the usual mix of articles, reviews and tutorials. Rather a good one on TMM’s which I intend to put into practice one day.

Below are the latest selection of oldies to make it into the shop. Not all are complete, and I don’t even know the identity of the last three so any help there would be very helpful. The Leaping Slomm two headed chaos troll is a bit of an odd case. It’s complete and undamaged but suffered from a mould slip when it was being cast. With work and a bit of skill it will make a good classic miniature, but its definitely for someone whose good with green stuff.

As usual click the pics for more info.

 100_2943-1_edited100_2945-1_edited100_2949-1_edited  100_2947-1_edited  100_2951-1_edited 100_2953-1_edited 100_2961-1_edited





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