Friday, 25 October 2013

Racks, Darksword, The Gamers Guild & News

Lots of bits and pieces to get through in this newsletter. So first off, a bit of a plug for my new mates down at The Gamers Guild, Redhill, Surrey.


They have a webstore but unlike MH they have a bricks and mortar store too. They sell all sorts of goodies for wargaming, role-playing and modelling. Lots of collectable card games too. And they have gaming rooms.

If you’re in the area pop along and see them.

Paint Racks

A new product from those clever Basecrafts people. Laser cut self assembly paint racks.


The Basecrafts laser cut paint rack suitable for dropper bottles including those from the Reaper Master Series and HD series paint ranges.
Made from HDF it requires assembly with a little pva glue, not supplied.
Assembled size is :
290mm long
150mm high
165mm deep
Holds a maximum of 40 paint bottles

You can even see a video I made about them below.

The Video also shows off what the Reaper Learn to Paint kits contain, and a close up view of some Reaper Bones miniatures. Despite selling loads its not often I get the chance to handle them outside of their blisters. Well recently I did a deal and these came into my possession.

100_4927 (2)

I’ve greyed them up a bit in an attempt to show off the levels of detail a bit better. Have a look at the close up pictures below to see what I mean.


These feature in the video too.

DarkSword Update

Finally the latest offerings from Darksword miniatures. As always worth a look for the stunning standard of painting alone. Click the pictures to go to the listings.


Painting Bones the Keeper40K Way.

I made reference in the video about a method MH forum admin and all around good egg Keeper40K, had developed for painting flexible miniatures. He’s painted lots of miniatures in different materials over his years in the hobby so I thought I’d post it below as it may be of use to others.

‘The biggest problem is that bones are a similar material to the old-school bendy airfix soldier: there is a danger of paint cracking and of paint loss when the figure bends.  Of course, you have exactly the same issue with metal, but the probability of bending is much higher (almost certain) for bones.
You can achieve fabulous and sturdy results on such figures, however, using thin layers of varnish at regular intervals whilst painting.  This is because the varnish is bendy, too, and 'locks in' the paint.  So the paint can crack, but it is held in place and when the bend is released, the paint all goes back perfectly in place and such cracks are invisible.
Also, you need to be even more careful in handling, as until you 'lock in' a layer (or layers) of paint, bending will cause cracking and paint loss.
As an example - although I'm afraid my paintwork is not that awesome, as this was my Week 5 entry of the Lead Painters League 3 on the Lead Adventure Forum, about 4 years ago.  These are Revell British Life Guards, from the Crimean period. 20mm scale and very bendy.  Although this photo was taken at the time, the figures are in exactly the same condition now, despite a lot of handling and transport and being on display at several shows.

So, I think you could get competition quality paintwork on a Bones figure, you just need to learn some variant techniques and plan slightly differently. 

With thanks to Keeper40K for that. If you have any tips you’d like to share with the other newsletter subscribers just send them in and I’ll pop them into the next update. You can also join the forum too.

Finally just a reminder that Figurepainter Magazine issue 6 is out and available to download.


Apparently the Christmas edition will have a centrefold of the editor himself !



Friday, 18 October 2013

MHTV Episode 3 & News

Just uploaded another one of my crackers little videos, this time showing some of the delights of the Otherworld range of miniatures.

Just follow the link below and like and subscribe if you want.

A certain Editor of Figurepainter magazine also seems to think I look good with purple fingernails. Please go and download his rather good magazine by clicking on the picture below. With a bit of luck he’ll be so busy with downloads he’ll forget about trying to turn me purple!


It’s the brand new issue 6 and contains an interview with Kev White of Hasslefree amongst lots of other goodies.

Anyway, back to Otherworld Miniatures. Like I say in the video I’ve just taken delivery of their range of Human adventurers. The Males have been out for a while, but the ladies are somewhat newer. I also think they are rather special. Have have a look at these painted examples from the Otherworld site and see what you think.


Next Reaper Order

My next Reaper order will be placed on the 21st October 2013. With delivery expected in about 4 weeks from that date its starting to get very close to Christmas. Basically if you want it in time for Christmas, don’t leave ordering it too late.



Sunday, 13 October 2013

Pre-Owned update & News


I’ve made another video. Its about what’s in a Basecrafts basing kit and only mildly less terrible than the first. Still it has got a new set, and I still sound like the country cousin of Mickey Mouse.

See it here

And you can even like and subscribe. Apparently if it gets enough likes I have to do the next one with purple nail varnish. ( Thank you Mr R )

Next Mirliton Order

If you’re really quick there is still time to squeak in a last minute Mirliton order. There won’t be anymore till after the New Year so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Reaper Bones

Had the first box of a very large order come in last week. Pre-orders have been packed and the rest of the stock is now up in the shop. I hope to have the second bigger box in sometime next week. This should mean I’ll have the full range in stock, give or take a few.

My next Reaper order will be on the 20th October 2013.

New Newsletter

This seems to be working well and I hope all the picture links come out ok. If not you can link through to everything from HERE.

Pre-Owned Update

Just click on the pictures to go to the listings