Sunday, 13 October 2013

Pre-Owned update & News


I’ve made another video. Its about what’s in a Basecrafts basing kit and only mildly less terrible than the first. Still it has got a new set, and I still sound like the country cousin of Mickey Mouse.

See it here

And you can even like and subscribe. Apparently if it gets enough likes I have to do the next one with purple nail varnish. ( Thank you Mr R )

Next Mirliton Order

If you’re really quick there is still time to squeak in a last minute Mirliton order. There won’t be anymore till after the New Year so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Reaper Bones

Had the first box of a very large order come in last week. Pre-orders have been packed and the rest of the stock is now up in the shop. I hope to have the second bigger box in sometime next week. This should mean I’ll have the full range in stock, give or take a few.

My next Reaper order will be on the 20th October 2013.

New Newsletter

This seems to be working well and I hope all the picture links come out ok. If not you can link through to everything from HERE.

Pre-Owned Update

Just click on the pictures to go to the listings




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