Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Christmas is coming !

Yes once again the most wonderful time of the year is approaching, and I don’t mean Halloween.  Now at the time of writing there are only 76 shopping days left until the big day. This means its probably a good time to start thinking about presents and those over Christmas projects you’ve been promising yourselves.

With possible postal strikes looming here in the UK it makes it an even better time to get your orders in early.

Mirliton Order

My next Mirliton order will be placed on Monday 13th October. It will also be the last order I place with them this year. Therefore if you want any of their products for Christmas, you know what to do.

The Strange Case of the Missing Package

Not so much a who dun it, but more of a who didn’t do it right. I know some of you are waiting for pre-orders and wondering why friends have been delivered but yours haven’t. The united States Postal Service lost the Reaper package containing these orders and its taken a while to track it down and get it sorted out. It’s now on its way and should come into stock towards the end of October.

Shop Offline

I only found out this morning that the MH shop along with its server is being moved to a new home. A new and bigger data centre apparently. This means the shop will be offline between 10pm on the 9/10/2013 and 6am on the 10/10/2013 BST. If its still down after this time then things clearly haven’t gone to plan and I won’t be a happy bunny.


My facebook appeal for a glamorous assistant to make the next episode of MHTV a bit more easy on the eye has come to nothing. Clearly the lure of no pay, extremely basic tech and the chance to be viewed by a whole 2 subscribers, ( you know who you are ), just wasn’t enough.

Therefore you’ll be getting me again, but I’ll try to bling this one up a bit. 




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