Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Newsletter Woes & MH TV Launches!

Sadly the newsletter function of the shop isn’t too well at the moment. After years of faithful service it has decided to conk out which leaves me with a bit of a problem. Lots of newsletter subscribers, but no way of directly reaching them.

This means the existing channels of the Blog, Facebook and Twitter are going to have to take up the slack. ie, if you want to know the latest from MH, please subscribe, like and follow.

Coupled with this there is now a 4th way for you to experience the wonder that is Miniature-Heroes.

Behold : MHTV

Yes I’ve ventured onto Youtube in order to showcase products that you otherwise might not see in reality. All very basic at the moment, but this could well be the acorn from which a mighty youtube channel oak will grow.

And a few new products to boot. Just click the pictures to go to the listings.




1 comment:

  1. I really like those wooden display bases!

    I can think of some uses for them already... and funnily enough, I was wondering where I could get hold of one... that 170mm one is perfect.

    I will definitely be ordering soon :).

    Brilliant news :)