Friday, 18 October 2013

MHTV Episode 3 & News

Just uploaded another one of my crackers little videos, this time showing some of the delights of the Otherworld range of miniatures.

Just follow the link below and like and subscribe if you want.

A certain Editor of Figurepainter magazine also seems to think I look good with purple fingernails. Please go and download his rather good magazine by clicking on the picture below. With a bit of luck he’ll be so busy with downloads he’ll forget about trying to turn me purple!


It’s the brand new issue 6 and contains an interview with Kev White of Hasslefree amongst lots of other goodies.

Anyway, back to Otherworld Miniatures. Like I say in the video I’ve just taken delivery of their range of Human adventurers. The Males have been out for a while, but the ladies are somewhat newer. I also think they are rather special. Have have a look at these painted examples from the Otherworld site and see what you think.


Next Reaper Order

My next Reaper order will be placed on the 21st October 2013. With delivery expected in about 4 weeks from that date its starting to get very close to Christmas. Basically if you want it in time for Christmas, don’t leave ordering it too late.



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