Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Checkout without having to Register

As some of you may see from the new home page I’ve been having a bit of a change around with the site. I’ve tried to make it look a bit cleaner and simplify things.

One of the changes is you now don’t have to register to buy what you want. I know this is a big bugbear to some people so I hope you all like the change.

Simply select the items you want into your basket. Click on checkout and click on the Check out with PayPal button. Then its just a normal PayPal transaction with none of the extra form filling needed for full registration.

Click the PayPal image below to see what I mean.


However by doing this you don’t get any of the membership benefits like the gold piece reward points, or access to the newsletter and manufacturer updates.

The choice is now your’s.

Reaper have also provided another PDF of upcoming releases.



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