Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Reaper News & Pre-owned update

My Mirliton order is on its way, so the long wait is nearly over. A big thank you to all those who have been patiently waiting for their orders. Not much longer now!

Reaper have dropped their free worldwide shipping policy for orders over $ 25.00. Please bear this in mind if you are planning to order from them directly. On the plus side, I’m always happy to get orders in, and by ordering through Miniature-Heroes you don’t have to pay the customs charge either.

Now the dust from their kickstarter is starting to settle Reaper are getting back into their more normal release routine. These are new out and available to pre-order. Just click the pic for more details.

59032_p_1_mj 14627_p_1_mj 50276_p_1_mj

They’ve also released a preview shot of a new miniature that is going to make the bones range in March. Its a female cloud giant, by Patrick Keith. No idea of price yet, but as its going to be bones plastic I think it will be as attractive as the sculpt.



I’ve also released another batch of Citadel classics into the pre-owned section.

100_3101-1_edited 100_3078-1_edited 100_3081-1_edited 100_3083-1_edited 100_3085-1_edited 100_3087-1_edited 100_3089-1_edited 100_3091-1_edited 100_3095-1_edited 100_3097-1_edited 100_3099-1_edited

And finally, as a favour to a friend and neighbour I have great pleasure in presenting  All the socky goodness you’ll ever need!




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