Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Old Dwarves & Bones Sneak Peeks

Just finished uploading a band of old Citadel pre-slotta dwarves into the shop. Dour little chaps, but then after nearly 30 years of battles I suppose they have a right to be.

Also in the upload is the DS1 Dwarf Cannon & Crew. All the members are there, loader, gunner, spotter etc, along with the all important cannon. Properly painted it would make a wonderful diorama piece.

As usual click the pics for more info.

100_3146-1_edited 100_3148-1_edited 100_3154-1_edited 100_3158-1_edited 100_3162-1_edited 100_3164-1_edited 100_3166-1_edited 100_3168-1_edited

From the old to the brand new now, things to come in Reaper Bones

Reaperclark pops by the MH forum on a semi regular basis to drop off the latest news from Reaper. These are his latest offerings which will be appearing in the Bones range sometime in the future.

77075_g_1  77094_g_1 77154_g_1 77155_g_1 77163_g_177163_g_2

The goodies just keep on coming!



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