Friday, 5 October 2012

News, Updates and a small Milestone

Well to start with the milestone, today I reached 250 newsletter subscribers!

A big thank you to all those that do subscribe. However I think its also a good time to point out that you can connect and keep up to date with Miniature-Heroes via social media too.

I’m on twitter here

And on facebook too. Just search for Miniature-Heroes and like us. Well I think that’s how the blooming thing works anyway. Tell all your gaming friends too, the more likes the better.

Then there is the Official MH blog. This is linked to both twitter and facebook, and is where the link in the newsletter points you to. Its worth joining these extra outlets if you’re able as sometimes I post small updates that I often forget to include in the bigger shop powered newsletter.

And if all that wasn’t enough, there is the MH forum too.  This is linked to twitter and I try to tweet the more interesting posts. Do feel free to visit and read the posts on the forum though. There are some very talented posters and I’d be very happy for you to join in with the posting too.

Lastly there is the MH gallery It’s not a rating gallery like Wamp’s, just a display place to show off painted miniatures from the ranges I sell. It also hosts some of my own efforts, and those of others too. Plenty of room for more so if you have something you’re proud of let me know and I’ll post it up.


Not content with organising and running a Reaper painting contest, Wamp forum is also putting on its now annual end of year painting bash. Follow the link for all the details of the catagories and how to enter. I won’t be entering because being a prize sponsor I can’t. However that does mean more goodies being added to the already extensive prize pile.

The MH prizes are a little different to the main ones. Talent should be rewarded, and there are going to be some excellent heavyweight painters signing up for this. They can fight over the main prizes. I though thought it would be nice to give an incentive to the more amateur, and so came up with this. The MH random prize for the best new comer / amatuer per category. It takes the form of a £ 10 gift certificate which you can spend in the MH shop on what you like. I’m the judge for this, and its purely on what I think deserves it. As per the title you have to be new to the competition, and an amateur painter. Simple really, so get signed up and have a bash.


Lastly, some new oldies that are now in the shop. Click on the pictures for more information.

100_3205-1_edited 100_3140-1_edited 100_3144-1_edited 100_3183-1_edited 100_3185-1_edited 100_3193-1_edited 100_3195-1_edited 100_3197-1_edited 100_3199-1_edited 100_3201-1_edited 100_3203-1_edited 

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