Saturday, 13 October 2012

DarkSword New Releases

A range of new DarkSword miniatures that are now listed and available to pre-order.

My Reaper and DarkSword orders will be placed on the evening of the 14th October, usually around 9pm. Please make sure your pre-orders are submitted before this to make sure they get added to the main orders.

My next Mirliton order will be placed on the 30th October 2012. This will be my last order with them before Christmas. So again if you want Mirliton products for Christmas, please order before the 30th.

Click the pic’s for more information.

1530_1 1519_1 1520_1 1521_1 1523_1 1524_1 1525_1 1526_1 1527_1 1528_1 1529_1 1522_1

Painted miniatures by Jessica Rich. ( Stunning aren’t they ! )




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