Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Reaper Miniatures Update

Reaper have released some new miniatures this week. I’ve also taken the time to review my listings and found they weren’t as complete as I thought they were.

All fixed now, and the miniatures are now in the shop and available to pre-order.

Also with a 3 week delay between the order being placed and it coming into stock, please remember to order early if you want items in time for Christmas. That goes for Mirliton stuff too.

As usual click on the pic for more information.

502828_50282_p_1_mj 50265_p_1_mj 50270_p_1_mj 50271_p_1_mj 50272_p_1_mj 50280_p_1_mj 50281_p_1_mj 50284_p_1_mj 50285_p_1_mj 60129_p_1_mj 60131_p_1_mj 60132_p_1_mj 65141_p_1_mj

50283: Evie, Post-Apocalyptic Heroine (no picture at the moment)



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