Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Wamp / Reaper Competition Entry – Part 2

Time now for the second instalment of the saga of my entry into the Wamp forum Reaper miniatures competition.

The observant among you will have noticed that the back shot of the ogre I posted last time was still showing it’s mould line. I’d like to say this was a deliberate act on my part but the truth is I missed the blooming thing.

However I've fixed it now, hopefully, and so I can now stumble forwards a bit more.

This ogre has a lot of exposed flesh so I thought its probably best to get that out of the way first. Up until very recently I’ve been using GW bronzed flesh, and GW Chestnut ink to try and get a realistic flesh tone. It isn’t the greatest system and those that know these things better than I, explained that chestnut ink is too orangey to work properly. So I had a go with a bottle of GW flesh wash that I had taken in as part of a miniature job lot. The results were worse and I was quickly advised never to use the stuff again.

So time for a change. Out went the bronzed flesh and flesh wash, and in came a Reaper msp fair skin triad and a bottle of their flesh wash.



Ok fair skin for an ogre is perhaps not the ideal, they spend their life outside being rough and tough after all. However I also wanted paints I could use for humans and demi-humans afterwards. Its also easier to go darker with a light paint than to get a dark one to go lighter.

I’ve now base coated the ogres skin areas with 09047 fair skin and am in the process of applying a couple of coats of the 09253 flesh wash over it to darken it down a bit. The flesh wash has proved to be rather user friendly in that its already pretty thin, and its doesn’t overpower the base flesh tone like the chestnut ink used too.  


As you can see the top bit of the ogre has received the flesh wash treatment and a bit of highlighting whilst the rest is just the basecoat flesh tone. Work is ongoing but the results are better than I’ve been able to produce before.

Painting tips

Two much better painters than I have been very kind and have posted some interesting tutorials on the MH forum.

First up is one on shaded metallic's by Jabberwocky.

Second is one on Zenithal priming by Gi6ers. It’s reply #6 on the thread so you’ll need to scroll down a little bit to reach it.



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