Sunday, 28 October 2012

Reaper 15% off Sale Now On

Well the Facebook page didn’t get to 150 likes, which would have triggered the 20% off deal. However 83 is double what I had so this is pretty good. I’ve since learnt that Facebook only shows business posts to about half, at best, of the people who like the page. They want paying for full accessibility, and that’s not really an option for most small businesses right now.

I will though be sticking with it, though would also ask that you subscribe to my twitter feed so you don’t miss anything. The twitter feed is also linked to the MH forum so you can catch up with all what’s going on there as well.  As you can see I’ve also given the blog a bit of a facelift and would welcome more subscribers here too.

So as a thank you to all those that have liked the page, and the newsletter, blog and twitter followers, I’ve upped the offer from 10% to 15%, and made it across the board on all Reaper products. That’s miniatures, paints, bones, everything. This lasts till the 2nd November so get in quick to get your bargains ready for Christmas.

Next Mirliton Order

My next Mirliton order will be placed on the 30th October 2012. This is the last one I’ll be placing this year, so again if you want items in time for Christmas, please order now.

I’ve also written a series of blog articles highlighting the different ranges that Mirliton produce. In case you missed them, I’ve included links below.

Spotlight on Mirliton #1 : Overview

Spotlight on Mirliton #2 : Dragons

Spotlight on Mirliton #3 : Nightmares

Spotlight on Mirliton #4 : Future Wars

Spotlight on Mirliton #5 : 15mm Fantasy.


My Existing Shadowforge stock is also at 33% off the rrp. I shalln’t be restocking this range so when it’s gone, its gone.

Lastly I have a little favour to ask. Please re-tweet, share and post about my sale wherever you can. Many forums won’t allow businesses to post about their promotions, but ordinary members can. I don’t have sales very often and this could enable someone to get the bits and pieces they’d like for Christmas, which otherwise they wouldn’t be able too.



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