Monday, 22 October 2012

Spotlight on Mirliton #1

With my last Mirliton order of the year rapidly approaching I thought this would be a good time to showcase the range of products that this company produces.

Long established producers of historical war gaming miniatures, they branched out into the world of fantasy when they bought the moulds and masters of the now sadly defunct Grenadier models.

So to begin with I thought I’d had a look at the fantasy races appear in the Mirliton range.

Starting with the fantasy staples there are DwarfsDark ElvesGoblins, CentaursHalf OrcsHigh ElvesHalflings, Hobgoblins, Orcs, Ratscum, Ogres, Wood Elves and Trolls.

If they can be classed as races there is even the Undead, and Chaos to add that little extra danger for the unwary adventurer.

Now of course you have to have Humans too. Again the ranges are pretty good with Amazons, Barbarians and Human Characters to choose from.

True these aren’t brand new sculpts, and the poses can be a bit static. But I’d also like to point out something else, value for money. For example DW001 – Dwarves with double handed axes. As the title suggests you get more than one in the pack. In fact you get 5 for £ 7.85. That works out at £ 1.57 per miniature, and these are 28mm scale in METAL. Just think where else can you buy quality metal miniatures for that price?

It’s not only the Dwarves that offer such exceptional value, all the other ranges do too. HM001 – Half men with swords, 10 miniatures for £ 8.85, that’s 89p per halfling.

TR006 – Half Giant Troll – £ 12.50. That sound a lot but this thing is 60mm tall and weighs in at 236 grams. For that amount of metal these days that is super value.

There is even a rather good set of mass combat rules that goes with the miniatures. Fantasy Warriors was created by Nick Lund, who sculpted a lot of the miniatures, and is available to download HERE. What’s more its free !

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