Friday, 26 October 2012

Spotlight on Mirliton #5

Finally for the last in this little series of spotlights I’d like to talk about the smallest range Mirliton do in their fantasy miniatures, 15mm.

With metal prices soaring, and plastic not being to everyones taste, many are saying that 15mm scale is the new 28mm. Well Grenadier were ahead of the game in that respect when they released their Warlord 15mm range. Mirliton are bringing it back into production, and its extremely good value for money.

There are Goblins


High Elves






Wood Elves


And Dwarves


Each of the packs pictured are only £ 2.50 per pack, or 32p per miniature. Buts that’s not all. Each range contains Command, Rank and File, Archers, Cavalry, and in some Chariots and Siege Weapons.

A couple of Special Units are also available.

MQFS001 qor010

But perhaps best of all you can buy a complete HOTT ready army in one go.

ht001a  ht002a  ht003b ht004a ht005b HT011a

From £ 26.50 these kits are excellent value, and because of their size, excellent to store too.

Order before the 30th October 2012 if you want to get you’re hands on any Mirliton products in time for Christmas.




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