Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Pre-Slotta Chaos Warriors for sale

Just uploaded a few new oldies to the MH store. Nearly all of them Chaos types, including lots of old pre-slotta citadel chaos warriors.

The last ten are the Warriors of Chaos set. They don’t come with a box, and the last one has the usual missing weapon damage, but the other nine are excellent and just waiting to go to a new home.

Click the pictures for more information.

 100_2434-1_edited 100_2436-1_edited 100_2438-1_edited 100_2440-1_edited 100_2444-1_edited 100_2447-1_edited 100_2449-1_edited 100_2451-1_edited 100_2453-1_edited 100_2455-1_edited 100_2457-1_edited 100_2459-1_edited 100_2461-1_edited 100_2463-1_edited 100_2465-1_edited


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