Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Dark Elves, Reaper Update & Kickstarter

Its been launched for a couple of days now so many of you will have heard about the Reaper kickstarter. However for those that haven’t I will explain.

The Reaper plastic bones range has been doing very well, and they want to expand it. The problem is the tooling set-up costs for injection moulding are huge, and Reaper doesn’t want to have to hang about releasing just one of two new bones miniatures a year. So they’ve started a kickstarter go raise the necessary funds to produce and release an initial 30 new bones miniatures.

Well they’ve since reached their first target of $ 30K and at the time of writing have broken it rather nicely. This doesn’t mean the end of the project though, just the initial stage. The more money they get, the more bones get produced, so obviously they’d like more sponsors.

But its not a one sided affair. Pledge money to the Reaper kickstarter cause and you get goodies in return. More money, more goodies.

Follow this link for more information

They’ve also provided a new release pdf

I’ve also uploaded the following oop citadel Dark Elves up into the shop. Some nice second issue Mengil Manhide pieces in there too. Click the picture for more information.

100_2747-1_edited 100_2711-1_edited 100_2714-1_edited 100_2717-1_edited 100_2719-1_edited 100_2721-1_edited 100_2723-1_edited 100_2725-1_edited 100_2728-1_edited 100_2731-1_edited 100_2733-1_edited 100_2739-1_edited 100_2745-1_edited



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