Thursday, 26 April 2012

Who made these?

Been having a sort through some miniatures ready to put them into the shop. The problem is I don’t know who made them. If you know please comment or email me.



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  1. Hi - the second last figure is definitely an Asgard Chaos Warrior (still made by Viking Forge in the US, but practically OOP as they only take bank transfers or cheques in US dollars).

    The third figure is an Asgard Halfling adventurer.

    (If you google Viking Forge miniatures you can see them both on their website)

    The mule is from the 1985 Citadel Adventurer Starter Set

    Not certain about the rest, but the thick rectangular bases on the gnolls make me suspect they might be Heritage (who also did some later resculpts some of which were never released or only sold briefly before they went out of business)

    From the quality of the modelling on the camel i'd guess pre-slotta Citadel historicals or Ral Partha/Iron Wind but could be others.

    The minotaurs are definitely modelled in the style of Games Workshop /Citadel from the mid 80s on - so likely Games Workshop, Marauder or Harlequin miniatures (i think Black Tree Design bought the Harlequin range and still make them).

    Don't know about the three troll type figures, though from the poor modelling and the style i'd guess they were 1970s Ral Partha or Citadel, when the modellers were just learning, or else Asgard (some Asgard miniatures being terrible, some mediocre and some amazingly good)


  2. I think the minotaurs are Maurauder.

    The first guy looks like a Minifigs orc from their very old D&D line.