Monday, 23 April 2012

New forum, better than the old one!

Just switched off the old Proboards powered MH Forum. Bit sad to see it go, but its limitations were showing. The new MH Forum however is now bedded in and running rather well.

Its got some great members too; some of which have agreed to my latest idea, the Help Knights. These are a group of members who all have skills and talents within the hobby, and who are willing to share this knowledge to try and solve the problems you may be experiencing.

For example, need help with a painting technique? Well the Knight boast Shane Rozzell and Jabberwocky amongst their ranks, but professional standard painters.

Problems with trying your hand at converting, then come and have a chat with Inso. You’ll need to view the forum to see just how much converting and sculpting he has done. Need a mini ID, again the knights can help. Plus there is the usual chat, gossip and miniature news. Reaper also post their updates directly to the site too.

Speaking of which, they’ve just released their latest edition of Casket Works, their printed catalogue. This time though they’ve also provided a PDF. Most of the stuff is already on their site, but under the Bones section they do give a preview of the next couple of plastics that are going to be released. A male and female wizard. Whether these will be a popular as the purple worm we’ll just have to wait and see. I do know though that they have got 30 miniatures in the Bones line, and that the others will be released in batches as the year progresses. Sadly I don’t know what they are, but some have been designed exclusively for the Bones line.



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