Monday, 16 April 2012

Portal 21 & Reaper Releases

The team at WAMP Have been hard at work again pulling together another edition of their monthly ezine, Portal.


You can download it completely free too. It contains lots of interesting things, product reviews and articles, plus lots of stunningly painted miniatures. They’re even kind / daft enough to let me have a column in it too.

Reaper have also posted their latest release pdf on the MH forum.  They’ve also gone and released a Cowboys and Gunslingers boxed set. I haven’t got this listed in the shop yet, but I hope to get it up into the boxed set section in the next day or so.

Reaper have also gone and done another first for their company, an online version of the casket works catalogue. Its a neat idea for those who have never seen a casket works in the paper before, and its free.

Lastly I’ve started a couple of new projects on the MH forum. First is my wip thread. I’m a painter of long standing, but actually pretty dire at it, so this is me trying to improve with help and guidance from the other considerably better members. The second is the Knights project, but you’ll have to visit the forum for more about that. I am still recruiting positions for it though.



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