Thursday, 2 October 2014

Reaper Order Date, Otherworld Update, Pre-Owned Update & Shop Re-stock

It’s been a busier than normal couple of days here at MH HQ. Most of the extra work has been from having a Reaper delivery to sort out. The orders are now out, and the shop has been restocked.

I’ve also updated the Otherworld Miniatures section with their new releases, and popped some miniatures into the pre-Owned section. These are a little different from the norm as they’re brand new and still in their blisters.

Fancy owning a 2010 Gamesday miniature still in it’s blister? I currently have 3 for sale in the bargain bin.

Reaper have posted up about their latest upcoming releases too. Sadly no pics with this one, but the descriptions are good so it’s not hard to envisage what they would be like.

Lastly an important announcement. I will be placing my next Reaper order on Tuesday 7th October 2014 at 10.00am. Whilst this probably won’t be my last Reaper order this year, it will probably be the last one I get into stock before Christmas 2014.

I know it sounds early, but it’s taking around 4 weeks to get an order in at the moment. This will only get worse at it gets nearer Christmas. So, if you want Reaper products in time for Christmas, this is your last ordering chance.





Otherworld have also released a Limited Edition miniature to kick off their new range based on the old Fighting Fantasy game books. Those of you of a similar age as me might well remember Zagor,  the Warlock of Firetop Mountain.


Well here he is in the metal. You’ll have to buy him directly from Otherworld, and be quick about it. Richard tells me they are selling fast.


Dark Heaven Legends Fantasy Miniatures

03692___ Haunted Halloween Tree by Jason Wiebe

Officially Licensed Pathfinder Miniatures

60170___ Beast of Lepidstadt by Kevin Williams

Chronoscope Modern Miniatures

50311___ Wild West Wizard of Oz Scarecrow by Bob Ridolfi
50312___ Wild West Wizard of Oz Lion by Bob Ridolfi 50313___ Wild West Wizard of Oz Tin Man by Bob Ridolfi
50314___ Wild West Wizard of Oz Dorothy by Julie Guthrie 50315___ Wild West Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch by Bob Ridolfi

50316___ Wild West Wizard of Oz Winged Monkey by Bob Ridolfi

And don’t forget Figurepainter Magazine is available to download.


Right then that’s me done for a bit.



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