Friday, 19 September 2014

Reaper & Pre-Owned Updates & News


It’s all coming thick and fast at the moment. More releases from Reaper, and another pdf showing what’s in the pipeline.

I’ve got a motley collection of Marauder vintage dwarves uploaded into the pre-owned section.

Figurepainter Magazine has just released it’s 17th and latest edition, and I’ve news of a couple of kickstarters that might be of interest.

Reaper Releases


Upcoming Reaper Releases pdf




Figurepainter Magazine



I don’t normally plug Kickstarters but a couple have come my way that I want to help along a bit.

First is Hab-Cubes from Table-Top Towns. Modular box scenery pieces that dismantle and fold flat for easy storage.

The artist is a good customer of MH and asked if I could give them a little help in getting it to a wider audience, which I am happy to do. Just click on the pictures to go to their kickstarter page and find out a whole lot more. 10660810_10153179410109937_585361850_n10685040_10153179411359937_15698046_n


The second came to my attention on Frothers of all places.

Girls on Games : A look at the fairer side of the Tabletop Industry. This is a compilation of essays by women in the tabletop games industry about past and current struggles and secrets & tips for new designers.


All too often women who would like to have a go at a RPG or tabletop battle are made to feel unwelcome or at least uneasy by the male dominance they encounter. A lot of the miniatures don’t help much either. ‘Plate mail for sir, loincloth for Madame?’

Well female games designers clearly don’t have an easy time of it either, so this book explains their experiences, and tips for getting on in the male dominated world. It’s a book for both genders though, as should be gaming and miniature painting.



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