Sunday, 20 January 2013

Reaper & Mirliton Updates & Snow Delivery Disruption

Right, first things first. If you live in the UK you know its snowing. You’ll also know that snow causes transport disruption and this means delays in deliveries.

Whilst I can get orders down to my local post office, they will probably be struggling to get the packages delivered out as quickly as they usually do. Please allow a little extra time for your orders to arrive while this cold weather persists.

This also affects my deliveries of stock coming into the shop.


These are now listed in the shop and are ready to pre-order. I place my stock order with reaper later tonight so if there is anything you want, you know what to do.

Click the pics for more information.


For upcoming Reaper releases click HERE



Also if your bored and snow bound perhaps you might like to check out the MH Inspiration Gallery, and the MH Forum. New members always welcome and if you want your work put up in the gallery, just send me an email via the shop.



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