Sunday, 1 December 2013

New Reaper Releases, Pre-Owned & News

First off some new metal miniatures from Reaper. As always just click on the picture to go to it’s listing.



Dark Heaven Legends




Kabuki Models

A new release from Kabuki too, Tinker Bell

I have an order just about ready to go in to Kabuki so if you want anything before Christmas, now would be a very good time to order.




Christmas posting dates

With the big day fast approaching Royal Mail have kindly provided their last posting days in this handy pdf.

However to make things simple just see below.

Australia – 5th December

Canada, France, Greece, Poland – 10th December

USA – 13th December

Western Europe (excluding France, Greece & Poland) – 14th December

UK – 18th December

Orders placed for Reaper, Darksword and Mirliton items will now not be able to be completed until 2014.

Post our paint


There is now a dedicated Facebook page for the Post our Paint Campaign. Just click on the picture to go to it.

However to briefly recap:

Royal mail told me that the Civil Aviation Authority and the Department of Transport were responsible for the water based paint restriction being imposed.

I’ve since written to the CAA and it turns out this isn’t the case at all. As all my Reaper paint comes in via air freight from the US I think they night have said something to me if it had been.

So, RM haven’t been exactly truthful, whether by accident or design. They are now saying its actually because paint in transit can leak and cause damage to other packages. This is a fair point, though why 600ml of paint is safe yet 650ml isn’t has yet to be explained. Oh and 1 Litre of alcohol is safe too, even in a glass container!

The dialogue goes on but if you want to help out please sign the petition or write to RM directly, and politely ask why they have brought in this restriction. If you tweet, that seems the best way to get hold of them.

Olleys Armies Kickstarter

This is now in its last 5 days and lots of the stretch goals have been unlocked. Bob is a great British Sculptor whose been producing quality miniatures for many years.

Click on the picture to go to his kickstarter and see the range that is on offer.



Figurepainter Magazine

As always this is available for download. So too are all the back issues. Just click on the picture below or find them on Facebook.





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