Sunday, 26 January 2014

New from Darksword, Display Bases & News

Right then, first off an ordering date update.


Next Mirliton order will be placed on the 3rd February 2014.


Next Reaper order is looking to be on the 3rd of February too.

Also follow this link for their latest upcoming releases,


The latest releases from Darksword Miniatures. Just click on the pictures to go to the listing.



Kabuki Models

The range of Kabuki models I keep in stock has been expanded.

More of the popular Big Sisters range,


and their 21st Century Pin-ups range too


I’ve also been busy in the wood shed again. Some more hardwood display bases, and a new range of 15mm MDF ones too. All now easier to find too as they have their own Display Bases section on the main shop sidebar.


The Slotta Bases have got their own section on the main side bar too.

Finally don’t forget to have a look at :

Issue 9 Cover

If you own an airbrush or are thinking of getting one, read this article by the editor first. Lots of information regarding these useful little tools.



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