Saturday, 20 December 2014

Happy Christmas

The season of cheer and good will to all is now upon us. And if you’ve had the misfortune to have been out shopping you’ll know only too well how much it’s upon us.

Still at least Reaper miniatures haven’t forgotten and have released some special Christmas themed miniatures for the festive period.

Now I know I’d said I wasn’t going to be doing another order this year, but as with all the best laid plans, it wasn’t to be. Therefore the really last Reaper order will be placed on Monday 22nd December at 10.00am. This will also be the time the listings for the Christmas miniatures disappear from the shop.

So here they are :



And the more usual Reaper Releases :


Figurepainter Magazine

The latest issue is now out and ready to download. 120 pages in this special Christmas issue.


Now the chap below is titled Gurka le Rouge and is available from LeBen Studios. The one below was painted by the FPM editor himself, and it’s earned him a rather excellent 9.4 over on CMoN. Click on the link and have a look at the larger images. ( not bad for a beginner lol )


Finally my customary thank you to everyone who buys from the store, reads my musings and even on occasion sells me old miniatures. It is all very much appreciated and I’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2015.



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