Thursday, 26 February 2015

An Otherworld Miniatures Update


Otherworld miniatures have been quietly beavering away and have released some more of their quality figures.

The first in their new range of Golems, and some additions to the initial tavern folk of last year. Pictures are below and the stock is in the shop.

Stock has also expanded in their Dungeon Adventurers range too.



Reaper Miniatures


My next order with Reaper miniatures will be placed on Monday 2nd March at 10.00 am gmt. As always, if there is anything you want that is out of stock, please order before the deadline.

Those of you still waiting for the last order to be dispatched, are probably wondering where it is?  Well it’s been stuck in customs. Apparently they have had a flood of international mail recently and the clearing system has dropped to a crawl. I’m reliably informed that my package has been inspected and should be ready for release in due course.

I can only apologise for the delay, but these things really are out of my hands – sorry!


Figurepainter Magazine

FPM 22 is now out and ready to be downloaded.


Just please remember FPM is a wholly electronic publication. You have to download it to view it, there is NO hardcopy that will appear through the post.



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