Monday, 16 March 2015

Reaper ‘Dragons Don’t Share II’ now available

With the Kickstarter pledges now out of the way Reaper are making a start on releasing their Bones II miniatures.

The first of which are :

77380: Khanjira the World Breaker


and the much anticipated,

77381: Dragons Don\'t Share - 2014 Edition



They are now in the shop and ready to pre-order at 10% off the rrp till the 17th March 2015. Just click on the pictures to go to the listings.

FPM Bonus Offer

Also the first 10 sales of either Khanjira or Dragons Don’t Share 2014 will also receive the latest edition of Figure Painter Magazine absolutely FREE

Not content with just that, Reaper have also released another batch of Dark Heaven Legends metal miniatures too !



Darksword have also been busy. These are their latest releases.





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