Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Reaper & Rogue Trader

Update time again with some new products added to the shop.

Firstly Reaper have released another batch for the DHL line.

Deep Ones, Malevolent Pumpkins, Ogre Guard, Meerkats and that most boring of adventuring companions, a Paladin.




A Batch of Rogue Trader era goodies.


Bones missing Bits

The larger Reaper bones miniatures are cast in pieces and then assembled before they get put in a blister. I think this happens while they are still at the producing factory in China.

Sadly not all make it through the process as complete miniatures. These below are all missing limbs but could be useful for conversion pieces. The Female Assassin is a one piece cast but her dagger is miscast. All offered at bargain prices to clear.


Bad Squiddo Games


Some of you may already know Annie through her bespoke dicebags. Well she’s expanding into Miniatures, Scenic materials and all kinds of useful stuff. She’s also championing the cause for believable female adventurers, Something I support too.

Click on the link and go and have a look at what’s on offer.



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