Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The best laid plans…

So if you haven’t been keeping up with events, you may well be thinking, ‘this new shop looks a lot like the old one’. Well you’d be sort of right, as it is actually the old faithful once more sailing it’s way through the cyberverse.

The reason is very simple. The new shop looked pretty good from the outside, but for me in the admin area it just didn’t do what I needed it too. Adding extensions to the main program proved more of a pain than a pleasure. Getting them to work even more so. Therefore having reached a stage where it was making my life harder and not easier, I decided to call it quits and come back to the old one.

It might not be as pretty, or indeed user friendly at the front, but it’s a little gem at the back, especially when it comes to stock control.

And speaking of stock, Reaper have just released another batch of their Bones II miniatures. I currently have 1 each of just about all of these in the shop at the moment. So if you need, Skeleton’s, Aliens, Scenery and even a Flying Saucer, you know where to come.

Bones II

*The skeletons all come in packs of 3 miniatures.


Reaper have also decided to release this lot on the 7th September.

77246___ Pillar of Good by Sandra Garrity
77247___ Pillar of Evil by Sandra Garrity
77248___ Crates (large and small) by Andrew Pieper
77249___ Barrels (large and small) by Andrew Pieper
77250___ Bags and Jars by Andrew Pieper
77252___ Beastman Warrior 1 by Ben Siens
77253___ Beastman Warrior 2 by Ben Siens
77254___ Beastman Champion by Ben Siens
77255___ Bronzeheart, Minotaur Hero by Julie Guthrie
77256___ Brass Bull by Bob Olley
77258___ Babau Demon by Bob Ridolfi
77259___ Fly Demon by Kevin Williams
77260___ Ape Demon by Jason Wiebe
77261___ Nabassu Demon by Bob Ridolfi
77262___ Vrock Demon by Patrick Keith
77263___ Male Centaur by Sandra Garrity
77264___ Female Centaur by Sandra Garrity
77265___ Drys, Dryad by Werner Klocke
77266___ Glitterwing, Sylph by Julie Guthrie
77267___ Kallaguk, Troll King by Jason Wiebe
77268___ Squog Warriors (2) by Jason Wiebe
77269___ Mudcroak, Squog Shaman by Jason Wiebe
77270___ Spikeshell Warriors (2) by Jason Wiebe
77271___ Dragon Hatchling Blue by Kevin Williams
77272___ Dragon Hatchling Green by Kevin Williams
77372___ Burrowing Horror by Jason Wiebe


Mirliton will soon be back from their August break. Therefore my order will be going in around the first week in September. As always if there is anything you would like, please pre-order in advance.



Once again the team have done a cracking job producing another edition of the class leading painting magazine. Click on the picture to buy.

And don’t forget you can chat with the editor directly on the FPM facebook page, and tell him how awesome he is Smile

(he told me to say that !)




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