Monday, 17 December 2012

Portal 29 & News


The last Portal of the year, and sadly the last with Mr Rozzell in the editors’ chair. Portal will continue with a new team and I wish them every success. It also seemed a good time for me to climb down from the hill. Thanks for reading my ramblings :)

The Wamp / Reaper painting contest has now been and gone. I got my entry just about finished and entered. You’ll see the picture in the magazine but just because I can it’s also below.


Clearly I didn’t win, the standard was very high which was to be expected. But it was also a learning experience and one I’ve found rather useful. First time I’ve entered a competition and the first time I’ve ever really painted a plastic miniature. One Khorne 40K thing many years ago which was a discouraging experience, but nothing till the Bones Ogre above.

So on the minus side, its small mould lines are a pain to get rid of, and I’m stull struggling getting used to holding something that weighs so little.

On the plus side, it did take paint well, and very old citadel paint for the most part at that. Detail levels are good, and of course the price is excellent. When the full range of these go live around March 2013, its going to be a big event for the hobby. How big we’ll have to wait and see, but if their kickstarter was anything to go by…


The last day for posting in the UK for items to arrive before Christmas Day 2012 is the 20th December 2012. I won’t be posting anything more after that time until January 7th 2013.

However as usual the shop and I will be here in the electronic either all over Christmas and the New Year. So if you want to place an order or send a query please feel free to do so.

The first FaceBook promotion is going well and I’d like to say a big thank you to all those that have signed up so far. The ‘likes’ total is now 109 which is very gratifying. I’m now thinking about some more elaborate competitions for the new year. I have some rare Reaper goodies and other bits and pieces that could prove very tempting.

The current contest is still live though. Just enter for the chance to win one of three £ 10.00 MH shop vouchers. 26 entrants so far so the odds on winning are actually pretty good.

FaceBook Competition Link

Right, I think that's about it for now.

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year



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