Sunday, 23 December 2012

Pre-Owned & Reaper Updates

Last update before Christmas, and its a bit of a mixture. Pre-owned ranging from pre-slotta fantasy to space marines.

Reaper have released another shark themed menace of the underwater world.

There is now another ruined tower scenery piece ready to go to the next customer who spends over £ 100.00 in the store before postage too.

Scroll down and click on the pics for more details.

Fantasy – pre slotta

100_3561-1_edited 100_3543-1_edited 100_3545-1_edited 100_3547-1_edited 100_3549-1_edited 100_3551-1_edited 100_3553-1_edited 100_3557-1_edited 100_3559-1_edited

Space Marines

 100_3571-1_edited 100_3573-1_edited 100_3577-1_edited 100_3580-1_edited 100_3583-1_edited 100_3585-1_edited 100_3587-1_edited 100_3589-1_edited 100_3591-1_edited



First to order £ 100 + of goods also gets this hard plaster ruined tower free!


100_3390-1_edited 100_3387-1_edited 100_3388-1_edited 100_3389-1_edited

It all comes in premade sections that you just have to paint and assemble. Roughly 200mm in diameter and 200mm high.

Join In To Win

Join in to win is still running on facebook until the new year. Pop along and register, no skill required to enter for the chance to win one of 3 £ 10.00 MH gift vouchers.

Finally it just leaves me to wish all my customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Barring technical problems I’ll be around all over Christmas and the New Year. Order dispatching will depend on Royal Mail and the times they are operational.



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