Sunday, 3 March 2013

Pre-Owned update, Reaper News & Warmaster Offer

First off another batch from the dawn of time for those of us old lead collectors. Click the pictures to go to the listing.


Reaper News

As you know March is the month where Reaper makes good on all the kickstarter pledges that it received last year. Clearly the scale of the response they received means there are an awful lot of packages to be dispatched. Sadly this is having a knock on effect with my orders. They’ve gone from being processed within 24 hours, to 5 to 7 days. Apart from the extra delay, everything is fine, but if you’re order takes over the usual 3 weeks to get in, that’s why. Things should return to normal in a few weeks time.

I’m also getting asked quite a bit as to when the Kickstarter bones miniatures will be on general release. Honestly I just don’t know. I would assume it’ll be towards the end of March, but that’s just my view. However when they do I’ll do my best to get them up in the shop as soon as possible ready for pre-order.


Warmaster Army Offer

This has been posted up for sale in the Trades section of the Miniature-Heroes forum. ( click on the pics! )


There are lots more pictures up on the forum post to have a look at.  If you’re interested please contact the seller either at the forum, or send me a message via the shop and I’ll pass it on.


Don’t forget its my Reaper stock order night this evening!




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